Nuru Massage

Indulge yourself in the pleasure of being touched and go for a Nuru massage with a beautiful and professional masseuse! You will have a great experience with a lot of slippery moments and good sensations!


The Nuru massage takes the name of the massage gel especially used for this type of massage. Its name means “slippery” in Japanese, and it matches perfectly with its irreplaceable effect! With the only purpose to make the experience slippery and enable the bodies to move faster and easier, the Nuru gel will be the secret ingredient for this unforgettable memory.

About Nuru Massage

The professional masseuse will make sure that you get the right treatment, and you feel happy and satisfied with all the moves. We know how important it is to feel comfortable in your own body and open up because then the experience will get intense and pleasant.

There is no better way to relax your senses and release some tension as the warm body of the masseuse will move against yours. She will surprise you with her flexibility and sensual moves and will encourage you to participate and make your own steps. 

The Nuru massage is a great way to get to know your body and feel more confident about your own sexuality in the company of a very talented masseuse. You will notice a lot of improvements, from more self-confidence to more sex-drive and fewer frustrations. With every minute you will learn to love your body more and the feeling of having the masseuse next to you will only make you happier.

As you will explore her body you will be satisfied and relaxed and your body will reach all possible peaks of excitement. 

Best Nuru Massage

The Nuru gel is odourless and colourless, and it will help you better focus on the experience itself rather than on the other details such as flavours and smells. For some people, it helps to avoid any intense flavours, as they relax faster and get into a mood of relaxation and mindfulness with more ease.

The Nuru Gel is made of natural algae and has been invented in Japan. It has strong properties in releasing toxins and hydrating the skin, as well as relaxing the muscles. This moisturizing gel is made of botanical extracts and the Nori seaweed extract, and this unique mixture will reaffirm your skin with a couple of minutes.

Why Nuru Massage

This slippery gel enables a full sexual exploration which will have positive effects both on your body and on your mind. You will simply enjoy all the sensual energy created during this ritual and will feel confident with your own body and the body-to-body contact.

Many massage therapists confirm that the gel can help couples refresh their relationships and create more trust and connection. The physical connection precedes the emotional and spiritual one and more and more people are confident to try this safe technique for sensual pleasure. Because it involves the whole body for a massage, it will always surprise you and maybe even keep you curious in long term. It can be used both for men and for women and it is one of the most successful tools to stimulate your body.

Choose your private Nuru Massage

Let yourself be guided by the magic hands and the charm of a professional masseuse and you will join a world of intense pleasure, spiritual awareness, and multiple orgasms. Within less than an hour, your body will be completely regenerated, and your spirit completely refreshed!  

The Nuru massage has a lot of benefits, both therapeutical and medical. For many people that tried it had improved blood circulation, giving more energy, whereas other successfully overcame several dysfunctionalities and recovered from traumas and deceptions.

Give yourself the permission to feel the warmth of another body next to yours and let it surprise you. It is unbelievable how easily these Asian techniques can remove stress and improve your overall mood.